What's the Caucus (and Assembly?)

The County Precinct Caucus and County Assembly process is one method for local candidates to get on the primary ballot. In addition, the process for creating the Democratic Party platform is started here.

Candidates for local offices can petition onto the primary ballot or they can go through the Caucus/Assembly process or they can do both.

CaucusTuesday, March 6 — 5pm — Gilpin County School
At the County Precinct Caucus, everyone uses the Governor's race to select delegates to the County Assembly. Delegates are split proportionally, so if a precinct is electing 10 delegates and 14 people vote for Governor candidate A and 7 people vote for Governor candidate B, candidate A will get 7 delegates and candidate B will get 3 delegates to the County Assembly.

Platform items for the Democratic Party are also discussed and forwarded out of the Caucus.

Gilpin County Democratic candidates:

​ • Sahari McCormick for County Clerk

 • Susan Berumen for County Treasurer
 • Linda Isenhart for County Commissioner

Other statewide candidates can be found here

County Assembly — March 24 — 1pm — Gilpin County Community Center
Then, at the County Assembly, the delegates nominate and vote on all the County office candidates. If you have two candidates for County Commissioner going through the County Assembly process, the one who gets the most votes will have the top line on the primary ballot. Anyone who skips Assembly and only does signature petitions would be listed below the candidates who went through assembly on the primary ballot. 

At the County Assembly, a candidate who gets 30% of the vote will be on the primary ballot. A candidate who gets more than 10% but less than 30% may petition onto the primary ballot, and a candidate who fails to receive 10% of the vote at the County Assembly is ineligible to be on the primary ballot. 

The County Precinct Caucus and County Assemblies are closed to unaffiliated voters, meaning one must be a registered Democrat to vote at these events. Typically only local candidates present at these gatherings but any candidate for any office can participate if they like.